Friday, December 28, 2012

Big New Guns

I'm sure this is a typo, but move the decimal point as I can, no combination seems to make sense so let's have a laugh.

Silver Shadow, an Israeli arms company has moved into new digs and will be introducing several new weapons in the near future:
According to Yuval Katz of Silver Shadow, the  company will unveil a new series of Gilboa submachine guns in April 2013. The new series of assault rifles of different sizes and calibers will also include a 140 caliber integral silenced rifle, which was order for a special unit in Europe.
 Bullets alone would weigh .6 lb. minimum, so a 30 round mag full would tip the scales at 18 lb. OTOH with bullets that big, one mag should be plenty.


Brad K. said...

I wonder .. what about a .14 inch caliber? That would likely require re-thinking common primers and firing pins, but . . would that really be that much smaller than a .17 HMR?

Billll said...

Wildcatting the .17 HMR round. A new round in 3.55 x 20 or some such with 4000 fps muzzle velocity.

There was a center fire version of this that used the brass from a .223 shortened back and necked down to the point that getting powder into the cartridge was getting difficult.

As a derringer cartridge it sounds like the prototype for the "Noisy Cricket", the worlds most powerful mouse gun.