Saturday, December 15, 2012

Appointments Matter

In the case of the president some of his appointments tell you a lot about his mindset. His Attorney General refuses to prosecute any misdeeds done by blacks for example.

I firmly believe that he appointed Hillary to Sec. of State only to insure that she didn't mount a primary challenge to him in the last election.

Now that the election is over and Hill is claiming a concussion as a work-related injury (watch her retire on disability) He's considering John Kerry for the post. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I consider Mr. Kerry to be an untrustworthy lying, backstabbing, two-faced weasel. He should fit in well in the Cabinet.

Obama doesn't seem to actually like anyone although he fakes it fairly well. We know he doesn't like white people very much and Jews in particular, but he may have found a good solid anti-Semite for the Sec Def position, since after suggesting Kerry for the job he was probably starting to hear the words "military coup" whispered in his ear by advisers who weren't quite so politically tone deaf.

Chuck Hagel never saw a pro Israeli position he could support up to now, and probably won't in the future. I'm guessing that if he gets the job, he'll serve out his term without ever visiting Israel.

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