Monday, December 17, 2012

Polls And Petitions

There's a petition here asking the President to back off on gun bans.

There's a poll here asking what you think of magazine bans.

The petition was put up yesterday and will probably get the 25,000 minimum required signatures tonight.

The poll is at the Wall St Journal and is running 80/20 against regulating magazines.

UPDATE: Interestingly there's a poll in the Hartford (Conn) Courant that suggests that new gun laws aren't very popular. With 3 possible answers, 2 of which amount to a no vote, it's about 85% against.

Update 12/19: The petition is adding 25,000 signatures a day, The magazine ban is opposed 81/19, and Hartford opposes new gun laws 90/10. Obama, instead of calling for hastily written gun laws has appointed his court jester, Slow Joe, to head up a blue ribbon study committee to see which way the wind might be blowing. Diana DeGette, D-Blisninny, has put up HR-308 (fortuitous number, no?) to ban high capacity magazines, which she admits won't do any good, but makes her feel like she's doing something.


Chaplain Tim said...

The White House petition has reached the 25,000 mark.
WSJ poll still running 80/20 against restrictions on standard capacity amgazines.

Brad K. said...

I also signed the petition to ban gun-free zones.

This one would be effective, it is simple and measurable.

Brad K. said...

Unfortunately, there are a *bunch* of petitions advocating gun control, one over 175,000 this morning.