Sunday, December 16, 2012

QOTD - Gun Rights

Found the reference to the site in a newsletter I get (Colorado RKBA) and visited it. Holy guacamole! While I sympathize with the anguish over the Newtown massacre, some of these folks are coming completely unhinged.
This comes across as similar to Mark Twain's description of southern justice in which
"if a crime were committed, the menfolk would band together and search the county top to bottom and East to West, and if the actual perpetrator couldn't be found they would at least lynch a nigger."
The question has often come up as to why the anti-gunners tend to be so violent. Well who knows. Apropos of that thought, here's the QOTD from Clayton Cramer in an article he published in 1st Freedom magazine:
Most people in our society still retain the right to keep and bear arms - but not everyone who has that right should exercise it.
The article just came out and I couldn't find it on the web so no link. It's an excellent article and everyone should read it, describing how California at one point passed a ban on concealed carry, then 7 years later realized that it was only enabling the thugs and robbers and repealed it.

Come to think of it Mr. Cramer's comment applies to a lot of things, rights and privileges both, like driving, voting, and holding office. At least there's a qualification test for driving.

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