Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Your E-Mails

...Are belong to us.

Or so says this fellow who was in a position to know. He says:
The FBI has the e-mails of nearly all US citizens, including congressional members, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney. Speaking to RT he warned that the government can use information against anyone it wants.
This calls for data storage on a truly massive scale of course, and a search might take a not inconsequential length of time as well. I suppose if the government finds you suspicious, they can just toss you in jail and start the search engine. You'll stay there untill they find the evidence or remember that your'e their guest after finding nothing.

A friend of mine had a sig line that contained every flag-raising word he could think of and attached it to every e-mail he sent. This was before the advent of mass capture and storage software and presumably he no longer uses it.

You can tell it works by the large numbers of terrorists and bank criminals the feds have been publicly picking up. I mean it's not like anyone involved in investment fraud or tax evasion could get a high government position now is it?

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Brad K. said...

No, no, you misunderstand.

Capturing information like that isn't intended to catch law-breakers. Well, maybe that was the original purpose, or at least the cover story when they sold it to Congress.

No, the real use of data like that is to intimidate political opponents, the way Hilary and Bill used then FBI files in his re-election campaign. You remember those files on opponents that went missing for two years and a day (the limit on filing charges for mishandling FBI files was two years), and they turned up with Hilary's fingerprints on a table in the White House? I recall that incident.

It is certain that those captured emails haven't been used to promote Government Motors, or any of the Obama campaign tactics or sweetheart deals with unions and major campaign donors. I mean, surely not. Ahem.