Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gun Fun

At the defensive pistol shoot I got to try my latest science experiment involving in-fortuitous jams, relating to the rounds sticking in the magazine nose down. I traced this to dirt in the magazine, and while cleaning and lubing are the recommended procedures for dealing with this, I needed to look at the specifics of the problem.

Defensive pistol or IDPA or whatever you call it involves dropping magazines on the ground while moving from position to position. At our range this involves dropping magazines into fine light dirt which gets kicked into the mag. Lube the mag with gun oil, and you wind up with a mag full of mud in very short order.

I tried cleaning them with alcohol to remove all the oil, and smeared the inside and follower with dry graphite. This seems to have cured the problem at the expense of blackening my fingers in the reloading process. No more caked in dirt.

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