Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gun Show Report

Saturday by reports from people who were there, was a complete zoo, elbow-to elbow front to rear although the phrase "fire marshal" was not heard. Sunday started slow, but busier than I'd seen it recently.

NRA memberships were moving at a brisk pace and many questions from concerned gun owners as to what they could do.

Write, people, write. Scroll down for advice and suggestions. While the media is solidly in support of anything the Messiah or his prophets proposes, popular sentiment is essentially unchanged. Gun control is a poison pill but you have to remind tour elected officials

Channel 4 reported that this weekend's gun show attracted a solitary protester. When I left around 1 PM, the favorable news coverage had boosted that number to perhaps 6. A 600% increase in only one day! It's a major movement! A mandate even.

I can't wait to see the coverage they get.

Update: Or more likely, stuff I forgot. Pmags which are normally $17 were being hawked at $45. AR pattern rifles normally bringing $800-1500 were being hawked at $2000-2500. Hell, the coffee, normally $1.50 had risen to $2.50 although refills were still $1. At this point I'm glad I don't own an AR any more. Should have brought some of my reloads in, I hear they were bringing $0.75/each if you found the right sucker customer.

A fellow stopped by and asked if either of us had any idea what his pistol might be worth. It was a Smith & Wesson, top break, hammerless "lemon squeezer" in .38 S&W in really nice condition complete with holster. My partners magic phone suggested $500. A really cute gun.

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