Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gun Fun

Following a carbine match last week it was discovered that my Hi Point 4095 was suffering a mechanical failure in the bolt. The casting was fine, but a steel insert that carries the firing pin was buckling. The factory said send it back, so I did. Estimated return time is early January. It was hinted that the bolt design had been redone and a new one would be coming back on the gun.

At the time I had been experimenting with a sight mount that seemed to promise 2 MOA accuracy from the gun. Testing will resume when I have my lab rat back.

Meantime I'll be at the gun show tomorrow. Stop by the CSSA table and join the NRA if you have any money left after buying 2 more Evil Black Rifles and more Bulk Ammo.

D'wife has suggested that if I buy reloading dies for 9mm Luger and a supply of bullets, the ammo might make good trade goods in the coming apocalypse. While I wouldn't mine having the parts, I'm inclined to think she's been watching too many prepper shows on TV.


Brad K. said...

Gordon Dickson's "Wolf and Iron", about TEOTWAWKI, advocates a .22 rifle. Good for varmnint, sound doesn't carry as far in case there are unknown hostiles in the extended area. No matter how heavy a caliber you carry, someone else may be carrying bigger or more; it pays to remain in the mindset, "I am the target, I want to keep a small profile and not attract attention."

Andre Norton's "Door Into Summer" went further -- a knife only, for surviving a hostile situation. It is the "Everyone else is a bigger threat than I am" mindset that may be the most important tactic for surviving.

The 9mm and larger would seem to be "community" guns, useful in the context of a secure tribe or group.

Now, if I could just find a .177 cal. black powder flintlock, then a tube of BB's would seem to simplify life . . Hmm.

Billll said...

1/4" ball bearings are common as dirt, and 1/4" ID heavy tubing isn't too hard to find. One thing is that you want some generous clearance between your steel ball and a steel barrel. Maybe a 5/16" barrel and a 5/16" wood sabot. You'd need a sleeve at the back to fit the percussion cap nipple, and off you go.

Brad K. said...

Um, has a keychain ornament, bbgun caliber (.188 bore), black powder cannon barrel. Mr. Carpenter also sells a shooting and display stand for it.

I am told it takes 3 grains (3/7000ths of a pound) per charge.

But I shudder to think of going after squirrel or pigeon with a cannon, and varmint shooting with a keychain dangle. .

I don't know how stout it would be, but 1/8th black pipe (commonly used in lamp stands and electrical lamp fittings) will just fit over a 1/4th inch steel rod. I used the rod for stakes, and the pipe for brackets, on some lawn ornaments. (Schedule 40 1/8 black pipe ID is 0.269 inches). I am just not sure whether the pipe would take the pressure. And, of course, the lack of rifling would affect accuracy. And, black pipe isn't that uniform or rigid with respect to heating.

And the ball bearings I run across are mostly rusty. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, if used against zombies.

Billll said...

I know that pipe dimensions tend to be at best approximations so using 1/4" pipe and perhaps touching the insides up with a reamer would probably get you most of the way there. Plastic tubing in small donuts would hold the ball in the center of the pipe and prevent galling when firing. Hopefully the donut would be popped out along with everything else.

I would need to measure it but 1/4" pipe is pretty close to 1/2" OD so it's possible that another piece of pipe could be added to sleeve the barrel into adequate strength.

Of course with the correct modest charge, the pipe would be good enough as is.