Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yet Another Dem Who Hates Guns and Women

In the hearings yesterday on on-campus CCW  Sen Hudak came out firmly in support of campus rapists.

As Sen Harvey noted, it's more important that others not be intimidated by an individuals ability to defend herself than it is that the individual actually defend herself.

In the end, all the gun laws being proposed will redound to the benefit of the thugs, by insuring a safer working environment for them.

Downstream, the increase in violent crime will set the stage for even more draconian gun control laws until eventually we become Chicago.

That idea I has to start a business, based on cleanup following messy "accidents" like suicides or murders is sounding better and better. There is already one such that I am aware of in Arvada and once the word gets out that they can not only remove bloodstains, but quietly dispose of the source of them, business should be good. As an aside the municipal crime rate will decline as people discover that it's no longer necessary to trouble the police with burglary calls and the like.

Video from Dana Loesch radio.

Update: "Sorry about your rape, but I promised my constituents I'd support this measure"
She must have a lot of rapists in her district. 


Anonymous said...

from Colorado's "1776 Ladies For Liberty:


Courtesey of Martha Altman we have this picture of Hudak. The caption is, "Senator Hudak texting on her phone during Amanda Collins' powerful testimony about being raped on a college campus..."

Even if you are not in CO please share this and let them know that this is what we are dealing with. We are not being taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Some background about the Amanda Collins story from the Nevada News Bureau, d. March 18, 2011.

Collins had a permit to carry a concealed firearm, but had left it at home knowing that it was illegal to carry her weapon onto campus.

“The unanswered question of my life is and will remain to be, ‘what would have changed if I was carrying my weapon that night?’” she said.

Earlier this summer it took a Nevada jury just six hours to convict Biela of the rape and murder of Brianna Denison. Biela was also found guilty of three other felony charges, including the rape of a Collins in October 2007 and the rape and kidnapping of another woman a few months later.

Brad K. said...

Huh. That close to Aurora, it should have been a slam-dunk -- the shooter picked the *only* theater in the area with prominent "No Guns!" signs.

So the Dems (and Mayor Bloomberg) want to make the other theaters equal?

I guess they have money invested in cable and internet streaming. And weapons for SWAT teams (both police and ad hoc thug groups).

The Troll said...

And here's another video of a politician -- this time a U.S. Senator -- who hates women and supports rapists, but was re-elected 57%-38% a few months later:


Vitter Confronted By Rape Victim Over Franken Amendment Vote

First Posted: 03/18/10 06:12 AM ET

Last month, Senator David Vitter (R-LA) opposed a congressional measure to prohibit the government from working with contractors who deny victims of rape or assault the right to bring their cases to court.

And now, the issue isn't going way. Vitter, who was one of only 30 Republicans who actually voted against the amendment, was pilloried in local newspapers, and has also seen the issue become an early focal point of his re-election contest.

At a town hall meeting this past weekend, meanwhile, the Senator was confronted by a constituent who, after recounting her tale of being raped, demanded to know why he opposed Sen. Al Franken's (D-Minn) amendment.

The exchange was contentious, heart wrenching, and potentially damaging.

[ video ]

Billll said...

Anything proposed by Sen Franken should be automatically suspect. It turns out that his amendment would have made all complaints between employees and government contractors subject to lawsuits instead of arbitration, not just the special case used as an example.

Welfare for the tort bar using his constituent as cover.