Sunday, March 17, 2013

Representative Government

Some have it and some don't. From Colorado Peak Politics:
Senate Pres. Morse advises Democrats to ignore constituents on national TV
GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo.—On Friday, Colorado Senate Pres. John Morse, D-Fountain, took time from ramming anti-Second Amendment legislation through the state Senate to be a guest on The Rachel Maddow Show. There, he told Maddow that he has advised Democratic state senators to ignore their constituents.
Most of us will not be entirely sure why he felt he had to reiterate this on national T.V. as his party has been standing like the 300 against their constituents for the whole session.

Morse was elected with a 130 or so vote margin out of some 26,000 votes cast with 1300 going to a Libertarian candidate. Bloomberg will need to pony up big bucks to save his ass in the recall.

In related news, the Governor has been at least dragging his feet on meeting with the County Sheriffs, nearly all of whom oppose the suite of gun bills currently headed for his desk. See previous post, option #3, which might involve meeting with the sheriffs after the bills become law without his signature.

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