Monday, March 11, 2013

Chickens, Roost, Assembly In Progress

Every so often you see a story that sets off the B.S. alarms in your mind even though the accompanying documentation seems to have all the bases well covered. Michael Bellesiles book on gun possession in America, suggesting that for most of our history almost no one actually owned a gun for example.

Locally this would be all those surveys suggesting that 3/4 of NRA members support the Brady Bunch's anti gun agenda. A somewhat more honest survey suggests otherwise.

Demonstrating that the easiest mistake to make is to actually begin believing your own propaganda is the sudden emergence of recall efforts over the Democrats agenda of attacking gun rights in Colorado. According to an article in Colorado Peak Politics:

A reader poll conducted by the Durango Herald shows that Democrat Rep. Mike McLachlan’s constituents are none too pleased with their representation at the Colorado State Capitol.  Currently, the poll has received over 400 votes and nearly two-thirds of respondents affirmed that they’d like him recalled.  Here’s the breakdown (as of 10am):
  • 62% say “Absolutely – I’ll be first in line to sign the petition”
  • 2% say “Depends on his next votes”
  • 29% say “No way – he’s doing a great job”
  • 6% say “Who is Mike McLachlan?”
 In Denver and Boulder you have to expect a certain amount of anti-gun sentiment, but the western side of the state is still pretty rural and a gun is regarded as more of a working implement like a pocket knife. Party discipline being what it is, I guess the Dems can get their members to tow the party line even on unpopular measures with the mentality of a suicide bomber. They may get the boot, but as a rule no law, no matter how bad, ever gets repealed.

The extortion scandal mentioned below of course can do nothing but help the effort to remove Sen John Morse who wrote and carried several bad bills including the strict liability for sellers and manufacturers of firearms.

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