Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Write a letter...

Maybe get an answer. Rumor has it we're close in the Senate, and no one wants to be the most talked about person on the internets. I tried this approach:

Dear Sen _________

I sincerely hope that you will vote against all 4 of the Bloomberg bills, 1224, 6, 8, and 9, in hopes that better legislation can be crafted that actually addresses the problem of gun violence. I understand that Virginia has produced what might well be model legislation following the Virginia Tech shootings. I have not researched it, but reports I have read suggest that it is mostly (90+%) addressed to the mental health area.

We now have 3 legislators whose positions on the proposed gun laws have made the Colorado legislature the laughing stock of the nation, Salazar, Ulibarri, and Hudak.

I understand your frustration at getting e-mails and letters from all over the world on the topic of these bills. I suppose you are relieved that you're not getting Sen Hudak's mail. I sympathize with you on that. No one deserves to be getting Sen Hudak's mail. Except possibly Sen Hudak.


 The following are considered good possibilities.
Last Name First Name Party Office Phone Email Address
Giron Angela Democrat 303-866-4878
Jahn Cheri Democrat 303-866-4856
Kerr Andy Democrat 303-866-4859
Newell Linda Democrat 303-866-4846
Nicholson Jeanne Democrat 303-866-4873
Schwartz Gail Democrat 303-866-4871
Tochtrop Lois Democrat 303-866-4863
 Click here to email these Democrat members and respectfully ask them to vote NO on these gun control measures. (Places all addys on a single e-mail. )

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