Friday, March 22, 2013

Compromise On Gun Control

I have a suggestion: Why don't we all write our state Reps and Sens, and ask for a reasonable compromise on the Mag ban they just passed.

In light of Gov Cuomos position that since there are no 7-round magazines, he'll allow larger ones if everyone promises not to put more than 7 rounds in them, why not adopt his position here? Repeal the magazine capacity law, and we all promise not to put more than 15 rounds into any magazine to be used in a school massacre or other mass shooting.

Penalties for use of excessive ammunition would be 1 year added to the jail time of anyone caught putting more than 15 rounds into a magazine used in a mass killing, defined as 4 or more dead, not including the shooter, for every round over the 15 round limit.

Heck, make it 2 years. That'll convince them.

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