Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colorado Gun Law - Phase 2

Phase 1 being the ramming of bills written by high school dropouts on medical pot, phase 2 will be the actual implementation.

I'm going to assume that Gov. Chickenpooper will happily sign everything on his desk tomorrow and LEO all over the state will have to begin considering how to interpret the things.

Magpul had their lawyers look at the mag ban bill and submit an interpretation to the Gov. Read all 5 pages here.

Or here.
In Section 1D, it is noted that there is no way anyone could second guess the intent of a firearm or magazine manufacturer as to weather a magazine with a detachable floor plate was designed that way to be expandable or simply to be cleanable. Note section 1E where they suggest that interpretation might well vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Let me get out my murky crystal ball and suggest that whatever you're carrying, most cops won't care what size your (obviously grandfathered) magazines are. Some, (cough Denver cough) however will be able to decide that any mag with a detachable floor plate is readily expandable, and immediately confiscate your gun. This means you'll get the bullets back in 30 days, and the gun a week later, probably with the mag unless they want to "investigate" further.

The legal opinion at the link suggests that a court challenge would have a good chance of succeeding on the grounds that the law in unconstitutionally vague. The bad news is that this could take some considerable time to get to the right court.

Meantime try not to forget this between now and November 2014, donate to anyone running against a Democrat, and mail a dead fish to any Libertarian who tries to make any race a 3-way.


Anonymous said...

> donate to anyone running against
> a Democrat, and mail a dead fish
> to any Libertarian who tries to
> make any race a 3-way.

So we can't vote Donkeyrat, Republickcorp, or Glibertarian. Who can we vote for?

Libertarian 'Spoiler' Alert! Seven Democratic Victories in Which the LP Candidate Received More Than the Margin of Defeat

Matt Welch |November 12, 2012 6:42 pm


* Colorado's State Senate District 19, where incumbent Sen. Evie Hudak squeaked past Republican Lang Sias 46.9%-46.4%, while the LP's Lloyd Sweeney pulled down 6.5%. Commented former state GOP chair Dick Wadhams: " I think you have to go on the assumption that the majority of Libertarian votes would go to a Republican candidate if the Libertarian candidate was not on the ballot."

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot the link


Reader comments here.

Billll said...

Beating the horse one more time, there's Sen Morse who won his last race by about 130 votes while the Libertarian took 1300.

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