Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mag Ban - Last Chance

With the Mag ban now on the Governors desk, the last chance to stop it is to appeal to the Governor, a member of MAIG himself. I am told his Facebook page is running essentially 100% against the bill, and as time goe on, more and more problems keep cropping up.

Remember the line about how no magazine may be sold in this state that can be "readily converted" to hold more than 15 rounds? It now appears that most magazines have extensions available for them that would make your stock 15 rounder illegal because you can slip a 2-round extension onto it.

Colo Peak Politics has a story with an accompanying video that explains the latest SNAFU. Short version:
OUR VIEW: Best case, the Mag Ban bill, HB1224, was rushed. Worst case, it was drafted by a liberal on quaaludes who has never shot a gun.
The bills sponsor is in the video. When I saw her at the judiciary hearings it was painfully obvious right from the start that she had not even read the bill. Rep. Rhonda Fields recognizes that there may be problems with the bill but hopes people will "just comply with the law" in spite of some little plastic thingie.

After Jul 1, you will be able to buy a centerfire pistol in Colorado, but probably not a magazine to go with it since most of them are amenable to extenders. For that you need to drive to a bordering state.

Now that there is a thick layer of band-aids on the bill to prevent your Mossberg 500 from becoming an "illegal magazine" in its own right, and another page of exceptions to allow Magpul and its suppliers to make standard capacity magazines as long as they don't sell them to the natives, it seems that this bill will effectively prevent the sale of most common handguns as long as the small plastic extenders exist. Note that the extenders are not banned, just the mags.

The above description of the bills author is beginning to look charitable.


Anonymous said...

> Rep. Rhonda Fields recognizes that
> there may be problems with the bill
> but hopes people will "just comply
> with the law"

Rhonda Fields mug shot from 1991

Fields was arrested in 1976 for larceny, and then again in 1991 for shoplifting. In 2010, FOX31 Denver reported on Fields’ arrest record when she was campaigning for a position in the state House. The Denver Post dug into the politician’s past, as well.

“It’s something I’m not proud of,” Fields said of her arrests during her campaign. “It happened over 20 years ago. I had to leave a husband who was addicted to drugs. I stole food to feed my kids. I’m so glad I’m not the woman I was back then.”

Cincinnatus said...

The background check bill is far more oppressive than even the mag ban. When its on the Governor's desk, we need to be even more of a flood in his email.