Thursday, March 7, 2013

Colorado Gun Law

We are very close. Like 1 vote close.

Keep reminding the Dem senators that they don't want to be lumped in with Sen Hudak, who would rather see co-eds raped than imagine that one of them might be carrying a pistol.

When you've lost the Post, your next posting will be to Siberia.

Update: They freely admit at this point that none of the bills will actually impact gun violence or gun crime, and 3 of them don't seem to think a rape or two here  and there is such a big deal.

Tomorrows the big vote and we'll see if Shotgun Joe has placed any horses heads in legislators beds tonight. Look for the menus at Denver Taco Bells to be changed from Burritos to Caballitos.


jed said...

Hey, did you notice that Newell actually had something to say?

Anonymous said...

Eh, we've lost.

It doesn't matter if 6 of the 7 are defeated. HB-1229, universal background checks, is the flagship. The rest were just distractions.

And the NRA and other groups were utterly incompetent in fighting it. Their cluelessness was appalling.

War is coming, because we coudn't hold this line...

As Claire Wolfe said:

Sometimes I Am So Afraid
Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Sometimes I am so afraid.

Since Newtown, I’ve been afraid — as I suspect we all have despite our anarchic bravado — of what the hoplophobes and control freaks will try to do to us with the deeds of one hopped-up wacko as their excuse.

I’m not afraid of DiFi’s proposed “assault weapon” ban. Oh, don’t mistake me; I hate it, despise it, loathe it, and have many unspeakable thoughts about it. But I don’t fear it. It probably won’t pass. And as we know even better than the banners, even if it did, it’s all about cosmetics. We’d be losing rights but only scraps of fuctionality.

The thing I most fear is a ban on private sales.
But when tightening the screws on gun shows doesn’t halt violent crime — and it won’t — then … well, you know.

But of course, a lot of us are not going to fall for any of this. We’ve already made up our minds not to cooperate because government must never be allowed to know where all the guns are. They must never be allowed to know.

Because once they know, the fuzzy line we’ve all argued about for years is fuzzy no more: we will have crossed from being free people to being serfs. Not to mention easy victims.

The Troll said...

> When you've lost the Post,
> your next posting will be to Siberia.

So you believe that the Republican Party is going to be exiled to Siberia?

From "Denver Post Publisher Says Colorado Republican Party Is 'Dead'". March 08, 2013:

Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton thinks the Republican Party is "dead in Colorado" and that he doesn't expect to see another Republican president elected in the United States in his lifetime.

If that's not vein-popping enough, Singleton went on to say that Sen. Mark Udall will win big in 2014, Colorado's next attorney general will be a Democrat