Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gun Show

Tamara reports that sanity seems to be creeping back in Indiana for which I offer her congratulations. Here in Colorado the current Plague of Zombies (Democrats) is keeping prices inflated and everything scarce. At this point she could well finance a vacation to Colorado by filling the Subie with .22 bricks in Indy, and selling it here at about twice the price.

See previous gun show report with prices and add about 10-15%.

The Mag Ban is on the governors desk, and he is asking his staff to keep a careful count of what the peasants are asking. Currently it's about 95-5 to veto the lot. His position is that he can:

1: Veto the lot and keep his job as Mr. Friendly-but-quirky Governor or..
2. Sign the lot and begin working on his candidacy for higher office, maybe a cabinet position, beginning in 2014, because he won't be governor after then, or
3. Do nothing and let the lot become law without his signature. He has a shot at both remaining Governor, and running for higher office, having passed the administrations wish list without actually signing it.

Actually I'm not sure how well #3 might work out as it seems unlikely that the voters will forget that he could have vetoed at least some of the bills.

Update: Brain fog today. Ping the Gov here.

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