Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gun Law - Colorado

One of the realities of politics is that he who has the gold, pretty much gets to make the rules. We now hear that out-of state celebrity speakers will be heard at the senate hearings tomorrow, which will be limited to 90 minutes for each side, pro and con. To my observation, if someone is a tier one lead off speaker, the two minute limit goes right out the window ant their time will be deducted from the total available.

Gee, I wonder who has the dough to fly celebrities across the country to promote their pet causes?

In a possibly related story, it seems that Senator Angela Giron, who was once listed as a possible switch vote, has now ceased all communications with her pro-gun constituents. Part of the story here, the rest behind the Pueblo Chieftain pay wall.

Persons as yet unidentified, but from back east have already contacted House members and threatened them with a primary challenge if they fail to support the anti gun legislation, and promised financial backing if their vote should prove unpopular with the peasants. The effort looks like it extends to the Senate as well.

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The Troll said...

For years right-wing tools have been celebrating the ability of the super-wealthy to buy elections and legislations, telling us that "money is speech".

Since Bloomberg's net worth is 100 times the NRA's budget ( $25 billion v $250 million), Bloomberg is entitled to 100 times as much influence. As the 10th richest man in America, it is his God given right. He earned it.

How's that money in politics thing working out for you now, suckers!