Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gun Laws Pass, Legislators Apologize

Of course it's easy to say "excuse me" after you knock someone over, but this is rich:

First we have Sen Morse and Rep Fields telling us that all those gun bills were forced upon them by the huge wave of mass shootings, one here in Colorado, and one in Connecticut, where the laws were already tougher than they were here. Forced into a legal corner they were, unable to do anything but pass Bloombergs potpourri of feel-good.

Of course Bloombergs spending of $2M on a primary race in Chicago just to make sure the Democrat nominee was the anti-gun candidate instead of the one suggesting that perhaps people should take some responsibility for their own well being would not impress Democrats here. Sure it wouldn't.

How the new laws will be interpreted is an open question as well as gun shops all over the state hire lawyers to tell them if they can sell any guns at all with magazines of any type or size included. I'm going to guess, based on my own experience with the City, County and Planet of Denver, that interpretation will be strictest in Denver and much less so outside of it. As the song goes, Get Out Of Denver. And try to stay out.

Governor Chickenpooper seems to have ambitions to higher office what with the Dem bench seemingly reduced to Hillary and Michelle, and is boosting his creds with the national party bosses by happily signing whatever lands on his desk. His signing statement expresses hope that the bills interpretation won't cause too much confusion or accidentally ban all firearms with detachable magazines. Meantime Bloomies other butt-boy, Andrew Cuomo, has ordered that the 7-round mag limit he just whooped through be ignored as no law-abiding New Yawkie would ever put more than 7 rounds in a mag no matter what the capacity.

Lawsuits have already been filed.

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