Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gutenberg's Rifle

Posted by Ed Driscoll on Insty, I think calling it the Gutenberg sounds like a swell naming convention. It seems that the lower receiver and standard capacity magazine are now is pretty good shape with design allowances having been made for the different mechanical properties of the plastics being used.

Right now the biggest obstacle to moving forward is the ammo shortage which prevents any extensive testing. None of the other parts are regulated and are generally available, or will be when the component shortage clears up.

Again at Insty, this candidate for QOTD:
DEHUMANIZING ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC:  “[Anyone] who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting,” tweets Jim Carrey, in-between sparring with moviegoers on Twitter who disagree with his anti-Second Amendment viewpoint.
Actually, Jimmy-me-boy, anyone who ran right out and bought a Personal Defense Weapon(R) immediately following Newtown is today being described as "prescient". Doubly so if they bought 1000 rounds of ammo and 2 more standard capacity mags to go with it.

Anyone going out today and doing the same thing will have very little left in their bank account worth protecting.

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Brad K. said...

I think Carrey is missing the point, here.

See, people didn't run out and buy weapons and ammunition because of the school shooting in Newtown.

People are running out and buying guns and ammunition, because the vultures, ambulance chasers, and "Disarm the Victims!1!!" advocates are *using* Newtown as an excuse to seize control over minorities, poor, and inner city dwellers. The Second Amendment protects the citizen from a power-grabbing government; now that the Brady Bunch and anti-gun advocates are pandering to those affected by, and scared by, the Newtown tragedy, they use the power of the government to grab more power. Gun control in the US has always been used to impose racial discrimination. Just ask the KKK. And ask the Army, disarming those peoples native to America before the arrival of Europeans, back not all that many generations ago.

The nation of South Africa, the state of California, have demonstrated how quickly confiscation of weapons (disarming the populace, enabling tyrannical powers in government) follows registration, restriction, et al.

For the 2nd Amendment to continue protecting Americans from a government gone awry (if the government should ever go awry), will be the lack of information about just who owns what weapon, practices what skills, has access to what communications.

According to FBI reports, what Carrey proposes puts millions of Americans at risk of foreign or domestic armed adventures, as well as thousands of needless killings, in communities and states that *could* have joined those communities and states that saw decreases in all violent crimes -- by substantially increasing gun ownership and concealed carry.

It isn't the weapon that kills, but the creation of disarmed victim ('gun free') zones.