Monday, January 25, 2010

Wash Up Before You Go Out

Gun Shop Goddess informs us of a rumor of a memo soon to be appearing at a gun shop near you:
“It instructs store owners to look out for certain customer characteristics, like insisting on paying with cash only, or purchasing large quantities of ammunition or other gun accessories. Store owners are also supposed to look for people with missing hand or fingers, chemical burns, or stains on their clothing.”
So look folks, let's say you've been working hard in the workshop all day, and the ammonium nitrate has spilled all over your pants, you're tracking diesel all over, and your shirt is scorched from those pesky oopsies that happen from time to time. If you decide to take some time off to go to the range, be sure to change your clothes before stopping by the gun shop to pick up a brick of .22, lest you appear suspicious.

Scrape the PETN from under your fingernails, too. The popping noise as you drum your fingers on the counter is a dead giveaway.

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