Friday, January 1, 2010

Economics III

The government is announcing that the tax take for 2009 looks like it will be down about 20% from what was expected. First off, who expected a big haul for the tax man in a down economy? Second, the unemployment rate is between 17 and 22%, depending on how you do the math:
The government may be surprised at this, but if 20% of your cows don't give milk, you would normally expect to see about 20% less milk going to market.

But aside from that, HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is when all us pundits do some kind of retrospective over the last year, and revisit the highs and the lows. I gave last year some thought. Here's the executive summary: 2009 SUCKED! Big time.

Hope 2010 is an improvement, although with the same pack of morons in charge, I hold out little hope, but it could happen. It looks like the total number of unemployed will stop going up around June or July,
which is something, and with elections coming up, it's possible some pols will have an epiphany and temporarily mend their ways in hopes that the voters will ignore their records.

Remember, a Blue Dog democrat is one who does what Pelosi or Reid says after getting the biscuit, not before being promised one.

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