Friday, January 15, 2010

Brown v Coakley

Polls currently show either candidate leading by 15 points, so I suppose it's still close. Coakley leads in a poll by the Boston Glob, the fairly unbalanced local fish wrap. Somehow I have visions of pollsters barricading the upper-floor rest rooms and not allowing anyone to use them until the poll questions had been answered. Thus in a poll of adults, Coakley wins by 15 points.

The other one was sponsored by Pajamas Media and was one of those robotic phone polls that, at least, doesn't take very long to complete. Brown won this one by 15 points.

Either way, Brown will need to win by at least 3 points in order to overcome the Coakley advantage of numerous ballot boxes in abandoned cars waiting to be found in case of need. Even then, the Secretary of State may refuse to certify a Brown win until all the absentee ballots from military personnel can be found, certified, and counted. This is estimated to delay Browns arrival in Washington by another 10 days. Then there would be the matter of working him into Harry Reids busy schedule to get him actually sworn in, which will probably not happen before July 4th, although Al Franken was sworn in even before his election was confirmed back home.

Most encouragingly is the news that president O'Bama himself may bring his entourage to Boston to put in a plug for Coakley. So far, he's 2-0 with his endorsed candidates.

Hope springs eternal.

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