Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deficit Reduction, Health Care

O'Bama is proposing a deficit commission to convene in November, just after the elections, to see if anyone can figure out what's causing this "debt" thing everybody keeps mentioning.

Let me drop you a hint, Sparky. The "Deficit Commission" will be convening November 4th, at a polling place near you. Their conclusions are expected to be published the very next day. Preliminary implementation will be in early January of 2012, so the State of the Union address may be before a somewhat hostile audience.

As regards health care, an audacious leader would not be put off even for a minute. You set up a commission of Senators and Reps to include several Blue Dogs from the House, and Senators Snowe, Collins, and Voinovitch, reconcile the differences by putting back in everything that was taken out, and include Maine in the "we'll pay your Medicare bills forever" club along with Nebraska. This should buy off not one, but two RINOs assuring "bipartisan" passage in the Senate, and only raise the cost of the bill a little bit.

The job of explaining to the electorate that 10% of $12 Trillion is "a little bit" will be left to the deficit commission.

The Blue Dogs will have it explained to them that any Democrat who loses his or her elected position in the advancement of progressiveism will ascend directly to heaven. Heaven being defined as the chairmanship of the Federal Commission for the Study and Regulation of Pond Scum, or something like it. The salary won't change, although the bribes are smaller.

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