Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rocky Mountain Blogger Fest

Thanks to Jed for the graphic:

It's now official. Be there or be square. Good food, Good beer ( I hear they even serve martinis) Good company. Probably no prominent politicians:
But you never know. Thanks to Chris Muir for putting ideas into my head.

Updated: Moved out to Feb 6th, just for Mr. Lady.


Mr Lady said...


The things you'll do for a tree hugging left wing hippee in a short skirt.

Billll said...

Bringing your evil twin sister Shannon along won't hurt either. Frankly, you had me at the red cocktail dress.

jed said...

But will she also have a long jacket?

(Cake reference, for anyone who doesn't get it.)

(Safe for googling)

Robert said...

The 30th would be better. Let's move it back. :)

(JK - see you there, ladies.)