Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Local Politics

One of the old fixtures in congress once remarked that "When I feel the heat, I see the light." To judge from his record, he was fairly fireproof, but less so are some of the others.

The big news today is that the howling of the lynch mob and the heat of the torches and bubbling tar has evidently reached Bill "Mo' taxes" Ritter, who has announced that he want's to spend "more time with his family", which he could expect to be spending following the upcoming elections anyway.

He remarks that the Democrat party has plenty more like him in the wings, who haven't yet pissed off the locals to the extent he has. The "A" list includes Ken "No drilling" Salazar, Mr O'Bama's current minister in charge of energy shortages, and John "No guns" Hickenlooper, Colorado's only member of Mr. Bloombergs anti-gun club. If I was Scott "Trust me, I really am a Republican" McInnis, I'd be measuring the mansion for drapes already.

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