Saturday, January 23, 2010

Evil Black Rifle

The Evil Black Rifle the wombats left me with has been looked over, maintenance performed, and internal parts re-arranged. Took it to the range today and tried it out.

NOTE: When trying out a recently repaired gun, making your first shots as part of a timed IDPA* stage is probably not the best of venues. OTOH, the trigger was smooth, the recoil was negligible, and the noise level was noticeably lower than the other AR pattern guns. Things like overall accuracy will have to wait till next time.

Meantime, I need 2 bolt springs for an Armalite AR-180, which are interchangeable with the damaged ones in the Leader Dynamics. I am informed by my shooting buddies that there's a fellow at the upcoming gun show who has a large collection of springs and other parts. No one could recall his name. Failing this, I may have to order them. Armalite has them, at $0.95 / ea. Plus $11.00 shipping. Plus $3.00 for having an order under $20.00.

And here I thought all the pirates came from Somalia.

*Yeah, I know, this is a pistol event, but since we're not sanctioned or anything, after we finish the pistols, we sometimes run a stage using rifles. So sue us.


jed said...

Shouldn't be hard to find that guy. I can recall at least one table covered with bins of AR and other small parts. I think I'll be there Sunday.

Robert said...

Don't forget to procure an HK folding stock -- like Ol' Army Joel's -- for the tacti-cool look.

Railgap said...

Where's all the P-rails? ;)

Billll said...

P-rails are on the tricked-out ARs. When the Aussies want to add something to their rifles, they do it like real men. With duct tape!