Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gun Confiscation 6

Our hero has his gun back. He got the bullets back in a heat-sealed plastic bag. While visiting, I noticed another heat-sealed bag of bullets. Seems this was the leftover from his earlier accident when the Westminster police took his gun.

He keeps souvenirs of his brushes with the law, I guess.

Anyway, the deadline for the cops to file charges is end of February, and he then has 18 months to file any suits. I'm guessing that no charges will be filed, and while everybody involved treated him rather shabbily, and the cops gave him a first-class rousting, I'm having a hard time imagining a successful lawsuit anywhere.

Nothing going on until then, if at all.


Stephen said...

Thanks for the update! I put a link to this post as well.

Billll said...

Cops do what the Chief tells them to do, and the Chief does what the city council tells him to do, so if a cop rousts a citizen, it's safe to assume that he's doing it with the tacit approval of the city council. Letters of complaint should be addressed there, not to the cops.