Friday, January 1, 2010

Gun Bleg

I looked at the stats for this blog, and see that readership is up nicely this year. I also see that the 2 things that people seem to be most interested in are guns and bikini babes, so I promise I'll try to increase the occurrence of these. To that end, here's a gun.

I have decided to try to buy a gun this year, and not just any old gun, but something economical and fun to shoot. A plinker:
All right, you gun snobs can quit laughing. This is a Hi Point 4095 carbine, in .40 S&W. The last MSRP I saw for one of these was $242. One recently sold at an online auction for $181, used. Since I load my own pistol ammo, I figure I can feed this without going broke, and 2 spare mags will run me about $30. Options include lasers or scopes, which I don't need, or 2 magazines with a carrying pouch, which would be nice.

What I don't like about this gun is the wording that accompanies all the regular distributor ads for it: "Out of stock." I'm in no hurry on this, as the cold winter has cut the flow of zombies to my front door to nothing, but if anyone should notice one of these for sale in the Denver area, would you please let me know.


James Nelson said...

I own north of 50 guns, not really sure how many, and one of them is a 4095. I used to have a 995, which is the 9mm version, but I let my girlfriend shoot it and it isn't mine anymore.
They are very good plinkers, small game harvesters and self defense tools, and their popularity reflects just how useful they are.
I bought my 4095 used from a gentleman in my state via a website. I told him he could ship it intra-state via the USPS. The counter people told him he had to disassemble the gun to ship it. He really did a good job of taking directions. I got a box containing several bags of parts, which took me several hours to convert into a gun. I do now have a pretty good notion of how it goes together now.
The big difference between the 995 and the 4095 is recoil. The 995 has almost none and the 4095 is quite a bit jumpier that I expected. I bought the cheap muzzle break from the manufacturer and was amazed at how much it soaked up the recoil. I also put a cheap red dot on it, the one the factory sells, same as I had on the 995. If the battery quits, you can use the sight as a really big peep sight.
I also ordered a couple of extra mags for the 4095. The 4095 mags are much nicer than the 995 mags, however, trying to get the factory to send me working copies of the correct size mags has been a major group sex activity, which is not yet resolved. The 2 I got with the gun are great. Under no circumstances get the Promag junk, or you will regret it.
I get a gun rag that take no advertising and tells exactly what they think of the firearms they test. It is called, strangely enough, "Gun Tests". They tested both carbines and rated them best buys, which convinced me to buy the 995 in the first place.

Billll said...

What you say pretty much matches what I've found all over the net. People who own them like them.

markshere2 said...

I have 3 Hi Points
995 carbine,
9 mm pistol
and 45 pistol

Each son has a 9mm pistol and Mom has a 380.

They all put the bullets where I ask them to and they all cost way less than $200 each.

They eat my reloads and cast bullets just fine.

The lifetime warrantee from Hi-Point works.

Still looking for the problems.......