Sunday, January 31, 2010

Global Warming, Still Not Likely

Thanks to Power Line for this post pointing in turn to a rather lengthy (111 pgs, pdf file) report by a couple of otherwise reputable meteorologists:

Authors veteran meteorologists Joe D’Aleo and Anthony Watts analyzed temperature records from all around the world for a major SPPI paper, Surface Temperature Records – Policy-driven Deception? The startling conclusion that we cannot tell whether there was any significant “global warming” at all in the 20th century is based on numerous astonishing examples of manipulation and exaggeration of the true level and rate of “global warming”.

That is to say, leading meteorological institutions in the USA and around the world have so systematically tampered with instrumental temperature data that it cannot be safely said that there has been any significant net “global warming” in the 20th century.

So the data has been systematically modified to the point that nothing meaningful can any longer be derived from it. Imagine my surprise. You'd thing there was big money involved here. Not to mention big power, in the form of license to micromanage the smallest aspects of everybody's lives.

Remember this in November; No matter how nice the candidates make with their constituents during the campaign, they toe the party line once they get into office. You vote for some amicable local yuk, you elect Nancy Pelosi. Yes, I know, it works both ways, but look at the leadership. That's who you're electing.


jdmorse said...

Yeah, yeah, global warming is bunk. In the meantime;

Billll said...

I heard they were going to have a G8 or 9 or something conference in some small town in northern Inuitistan, with 1 car rental agency, 3 hotels, and 25 dive bars, which was expected to keep the population of protesters to a minimum.

As Tina Fey might say: "I can see the North Pole from my 3rd story hotel room".

I like the way they think.