Friday, January 8, 2010

Gun Confiscation 3

The story marches on, currently with the speed of continental drift. Official Legal Advice says that the police have 2 months in which to either file charges or punt. Our Hero has 2 years in which to file any suits. Until the clock runs out on the police, it's their ball, so hurry up and wait.

Speaking of speed, or lack thereof:

It's a typical day at the Nissan dealership, when a large snail glides in and asks to test drive a 350Z. The salesman agrees, and the snail leaves the dealership in a cloud of burning rubber and shrieking exhaust.

Returning a few minutes later, he announces he likes the car, and will pay cash on the spot, but, being a snail, he would like the service department to remove all the "Z" logos, and replace them with an "S". The customer is always right, and this was done and the car presented out front of the dealership.

The snail thanks everybody, oozes into his new ride, and in another cloud of wheel smoke and screaming exhaust, goes burning off down the street, prompting a passing pedestrian to remark:

"Wow! Look at that S-car go!"


Stephen said...

My prediction is that they will respond in 61 days.

Anonymous said...

Old. Old. Old.

Billll said...

I'm guessing he'll get to start filing legal letters and such on day 61, and he'll get his gun back when the Colorado Supreme Court orders it.

Billll said...


Gimmie a break. I updated the car to a current model at least.