Sunday, September 4, 2016

Photography Tip

The impact of a photo can be enhanced by cropping distracting elements out of it. Take this shot of Muslim refugees adrift in the no doubt shark infested ocean:
Not how distracting the fellow at the upper right is, apparently standing in waist-deep water with no life jacket. Of course he could have been standing on the back of one of the sharks.

Found here at Barenakedislam.


Merle said...

You don't suppose someone had an agenda, do you?


Anonymous said...

The link you cite claims that "The Leftist media whores for Islam cropped this photo"; a claim you are implicitly repeating. Yet your source, Bare Naked Islam, doesn't say which media outlet(s) used the cropped photo. Nor does BNI link to any source, other than some guy's F*c*book page which does not show the cropped photo being used.

Maybe you should engage in more critical thinking and fact checking, and less knee-jerk confirmation-bias outrage, before clicking on "post".

Billll said...

I wouldn't credit the media for cropping that photo, but rather the "Palliwood" producers. I would blame the media for publishing any press release stuff from people famous for producing fake news and images.