Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gun Blogger Rendezvous

GBR XI starts Thursday in Reno.

I'm hitting the road tomorrow for Reno so posting will be scarce, in other words, about like usual. My planned co-conspiritor flaked out at the last minute so I'm driving this by myself and a 16 hour drive is best done in 2 stages.

Three days of fun at various ranges and evenings involving speakers from various quarters and a raffle with some nice swag, all proceeds to Honored American Veterans. Shooting will range from plinking to steel challenge and cowboy action and the food is great.

Sponsors include Lucky Gunner who is giving pre registered attendees $150 worth of free ammo, Ammo To Go who is putting ammo and knives into the raffle, and Front Sight Acadamy who is putting a training course on the raffle table.

Fun stuff like this Gardner MG sometimes show up as well. It shoots great! Photo taken at the Washoe County Range where the neighbors never complain.

Coincidentally the Reno Balloon festival is this weekend as well.

Posting if any will be done from my little Asus tablet which frankly I'm still learning to use.

Back on Monday.

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