Thursday, September 1, 2016

Asking The Right Question, Obliquely

Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jeff Sessions appeared in Arizona sporting hats embroidered with "Make Mexico Great Again Also". This is causing some heartburn among the usual suspects who would themselves never think of asking why all those Mexicans are flooding across our border in the first place.

Mexico has a lot going for it including a large population, natural resources, good climate and deep water ports on both coasts, so why does the best job in Mexico seem to be pushing a lawnmower in the U.S.?

For that matter, in the 19th century Argentina had the second largest economy in the world behind only England and giving rise to the expression "As rich as an Argentinian". Where are they now?

There are 3 solutions to the U.S. immigration problem:
1. Build our own version of the Great Wall of China and man it with DHS drones which should work about as well as the original.
2. Establish a solid socialist economy in the U.S. which will at least keep people from coming here looking for jobs.
3. Explain to the clueless dweebs in the State Department that a big part of their job is exporting the idea of free market economies which will have the effect of creating jobs on the other side of the border, reducing the incentive to come here looking for one.

Of course since everyone at Foggy Bottom works for the government and thus supports the ideology of bigger government, asking them to do this will probably sound like asking them to commit suicide.


David Aitken said...

Another unasked question is why these other countries haven't figured out that what they need is limited government, rule of law, private property, and free markets. As the professor would say, "Not enough opportunities for graft".

Eainsdad said...

Well if we phrase the comment the right way....Like stating that the FedGov would have to hire a few more people to act as attaches for the Mexican embassy staff to work to develop their free market system. And be sure to include that taxes on imports from Mexico should be used to pay for developing their free market system for them.