Monday, September 19, 2016

Gun Fun - Cheap Ammo in the 4095

Sometimes the stuff will surprise you. I got some Blazer 155gr .40 S&W from my good friends at Lucky Gunner while I was at Gun Blogger Rendezvous and the stuff delivered better accuracy than my hand loads and before the snark surfaces, way better than the Remington UMC and Winchester commercial stuff I had been trying. I was wondering what all was going on there as I've noticed that the Hi Point 4095 generally seems to like the heavier bullets (180gr) better than the lighter ones (mine were 165gr) and the Blazers were 155gr RNFP jacketed.

Took some down to the club range and ran them through the chroney. Nice tight groups and:

Shot     MV
1          2127
2          2150
3          2153
4          2236
5          2200

Avg     2173
Dev      62.8, 2.8%

My previous high score was about 1500 fps with 165 gr bullets and a full load of Power Pistol. This is  a bit more than 30% faster and more accurate to boot. for comparison:

Bullet Velo Wt, gr M, slugs Ek, ft-lb PF
Blazer .40 2173 155 0.0006876664 1623.6 336.8
Typ .223 3000 60 0.0002661934 1197.9 180.0
Typ .40 1200 165 0.0007320319 527.1 198.0 

The .40 numbers are from my carbine with 16.5" barrel. I'm impressed. I guess I'll have to get some more.

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Merle said...

I got pretty good results from Federal AE 155 gr in mine - who knows - might be worth a try in yours.