Saturday, September 10, 2016


Due to several people having unplanned occurrances this year, the event was rather sparsely attended. More range time, food and swag for the rest of us.

The BP paintball gun worked pretty much as advertised although the folks at Washoe county gun range didn't like the sparks coming from the barrel and shut me down after only 2 shots.

The Hi Point was shooting erratically at 200 yards with my spiffy new hand loads but came right in to a 4 minute group using Blazer aluminum cased 155 gr ammo. Go figure.

The Steel challenge ran to 4 stages. There were enough different shooting types that sorting the results out may take a bit. Lizzie is doing the math and will pass the overall results to me and I'll post them, bringing the national breath holding to a merciful end.

I won a shot timer, a blowout first aid kit, a DeSantis holster and several additional items including a 30 round magazine for my AR which I've owned since 2012 if anyone asks.

Tomorrow will be shooting simulation at Reno Guns and Range which I will probably depart early as I have a long commute home.

Incidentally the trip out involved a leg from Denver to Rock Springs WY, Fuel economy was 30 mpg, followed by the leg from Rock Springs to Elko NV with the A/C on which reduced my fuel economy to 28.5 mpg. 775 total miles, 10 hours.

Last leg was Elko to Reno, 290 miles in 4 hours. I'm getting to like this car but it needs better seats if I'm going to make a practice of this.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Thanks for the report, Billll. I haven't been since '11 because of responsibilities with elderly mothers, and I miss it every September.

Kevin said...

Sorry I couldn't make it this year. Glad y'all had a good time!