Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

So go to Google search and past in " will Hillary " and note the autofill suggestions. Select #1 (will hillary get prosecuted) and note how many possible answers there are (About 1,610,000 results,
0.38 seconds). Try the second (will hillary clinton get prosecuted) and look at the hits on that one (About 6,600,000 results.0.34 seconds)

It was the most asked question from the people during the Dem debates Sunday night, but for some reason was not asked, possibly because the people with the actual answer weren't on the stage.

The first person who would be asked would be FBI director James B. Comey whose office is conducting the investigation. He would probably be able to answer the question but his position on the governmental food chain at #3 precludes him actually answering.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is the person with the official responsibility to give the go-ahead on prosecutions based on evidence submitted from the FBI but her position at #2 on the food chain means no action without permission from the top. Without this permission, she will probably announce that the just-us department is carefully studying all the evidence and will make a decision when the study is complete. Unsaid but understood is the date on this which would likely be January of 2024.

#1 on the food chain, El Presidente will diplomatically waffle publicly stating that Mrs Lynch is working on the evidence and he doesn't want to influence her decision. 

It now looks like while the Clintons don't own the cops, they do own the judges so I'd have to guess that no, Hill will not be prosecuted and will probably get a presidential pardon in January of 2017.

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Anonymous said...

If the FBI doesn't charge her then it's game on. We've come to a place where the people have put up with too much, too often. If she comes anywhere near the WH it is because the FBI failed in their task (the FBI doesn't simply fail, they would be forced into it. And them who are that force are those you ident correctly.) If Comey is so beholden to them instead of his oath, he needs to be put away. Also. Yes, also. Because the people have put up with this stuff far too long. It is a sign of the times that corruption is no longer covert.