Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gun Law - You Are Racist, And Dumb

Gary Gutting has an article in the NY Times in which he denounces white people in general and permissive gun laws as racist. Mr Gutting is apparently unaware that most of the gun laws ever passed in the United States were specifically passed to restrict access to guns by blacks. He says he doesn't want to argue the validity of any gun laws (!) but rather denounces white people as being stupid for not supporting them. As Katherine Timpf remarks at National Review:
Now, to be fair, he concedes that that doesn’t necessarily mean that those people are racists — it’s just that they’re not smart enough to see what he sees.
This gets down to the bedrock beliefs of Socialists: That the public is not smart enough to manage it's own affairs and only the intellectual god-kings of stateism are smart enough to know what we really want.

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