Monday, January 25, 2016

Gasoline At $149/gallon

Not at the corner gas station where you have the option of going somewhere else, but at the military motor pool where gas is supplied by people with political connections.
One of the companies that got a lucrative biofuel contract from the military was the San Francisco–based Solazyme Inc. According to the Congressional Research Service, in 2009, Solazyme got a $223,000 contract for 1,500 gallons of algae-based motor fuel. That works out to $149 per gallon.
I suppose the good news is that this fuel didn't take anything from the national food supply. Still seems a bit pricey.

RTWT: This wasn't even the worst of it.


Merle said...

I guess with $300 dollar hammers we shouldn't be surprised! :(


tsquared said...

And I filled my truck up an hour ago for $1.519. That is roughly a thousand percent mark up. Whoever came up with this deal needs to be fired.

Billll said...

That, my friend is why we have elections. Here's your chance.