Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The future Of Transportation - Elio

And it's looking like the will kill the Elio before it gets to production. Seems the feds are moving toward regulating some "car-like" 3-wheelers as cars with all that that implies.

Paul Elio has hopes that his design will be exempt even if the Polaris Scorpion magically becomes a car. I've got my doubts as I remember the ultralight airplane beginnings with flyable and reasonably safe designs at fairly reasonable prices. Then the FAA stepped in and now an ultralight costs close to what a production aircraft does. Has nearly all the features too except for severely limited fuel capacity and speed limits.

You have to get to full production before the regulators can get the first volume of regulations out or you won't get to production at all. Regulatory agencies are controlled by the industries they regulate and exist primarily to keep competitors out.

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