Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Next Election

It's still 10 months out but already the left has come out four square in favor of admitting 100,000 “Syrian” immigrants of the type who perpetrated mass sexual assaults on New Years in Europe. They also push draconian gun control, catch and release crime control, mandatory union membership for everyone, and the sort of tax rates we haven't seen since the 50's, in the 90% range. The Dem field is down to the inevitable winner who is increasingly looking like she'll need a presidential pardon to remain eligible for the office, the septuagenarian Socialist and an unidentified 3rd fellow. At this point Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren is probably banging her head on her computer keyboard wondering why she ever dropped out of the running. Even the party's second favorite gun grabber, Michael Bloomberg is looking into a run.

On the right, Don Trump is blustering forward like Patton marching through Europe with Ted Cruz showing us how to do the same thing without the bluster. The myriad Republicans are showing us the wisdom of the “11th commandment” which is to never speak ill of a fellow Republican, no matter how dubious his credentials might be. The party management that gave us Bush, Romney, McCain, and whomever ran against Clinton in 96 are by now in such bad odor that their most favored candidate is only pulling about 3%. Trump and Cruz have generally refrained from personal attacks against each other with Trump alternately cracking under the pressure of possibly losing Iowa and trying to show that he really likes Cruz, just not enough to vote for him in a primary by suggesting that he might make either a good V.P. or a Supreme court justice.

The beating the GOPe is taking right now makes me wonder if this might be the last election for the Republican party with the next presidential election being between candidates from the Tea Party and the Social Democrats.

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