Sunday, January 3, 2016

SWATing - One Department's Dim View

As of this year, if you have a CCW in Texas, it's your option to carry discreetly or openly. This has some of the bliss ninnies in a tizzy with calls to SWAT anyone seen to be carrying a gun. This means lying to the police about the gun carriers behavior in an attempt to either discourage the carry or get the carrier killed by the cops.
“You see a GunFilth waving its penis substitute, exit, call police. Armed robbery in progress.” — Twitter user “Little Black Dog” on Sept. 13, 2014
—Reacting to a photograph of a man standing at a checkout with a handgun holstered upon his hip, a “mom-who-demands-action” Joyce Ward asks, “Why weren’t the police called immediately?” And “why,” Ward continues, “wasn’t he shot by the police for having a weapon?”
—Fellow poster Lisa McLogan Shaheen has a similar inquiry, wondering, “Why hasn’t someone called 911 so the cops can gun him down?”
The Houston police take a dim view of this sort of thing and with unbelievable politesse suggest that if they get such a call they will investigate carefully and if the call turns out to be bogus, the investigation will be turned to the caller. Filing a false report is I believe a misdemeanor in most places. Maybe there should be the same modifier to this statute that most other crimes have. If a firearm is involved, then it becomes a felony.

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