Sunday, January 24, 2016

Even Worse?

It now appears that those classified e-mails on Hills server were put there by her aide, Huma who passed them on to the unsecured computer by copying them from ultra-secure State department computers and pasting them to e-mails sent by unsecured computers which then arrived on Hills machine without the SOOPER-SEKRIT labels.

If an enemy agent wanted the information to fall into other hands without actually handing the stuff off herself, what better way than to move the info to an unsecured site. Of course that would mean that everyone from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Norks got a copy, but so what. Finally some real transparency from the O'Bungler administration.

Of course this further incriminated Hill as keeping classified info on a private and unsecured computer, but additionally it makes her aide, Huma Abedin look an awful lot like an active enemy agent.

Humas connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are well enough known and should have disqualified her from a sensitive job like Hills handler. I wonder if it's enough to make Hill complicit in an espionage action?


Merle said...

What are the odds that Huma will go down too?


Billll said...

At this point I can see Huma being tossed under the bus to save Hill. Blame the whole thing on Huma and come out as the greatest spycatcher since James Bond.

tsquared said...

There are numerous safeguards to prevent things like this from happening. To transfer data from the secure network you have to jump though a few hoops just to get a soft copy. Once you have a soft copy you have the "watermark", header, and footer of each page to edit to remove the classified banners.

Somebody (if not a bunch of people) needs to do a lot of time in Leavenworth.