Wednesday, January 13, 2016


At a social event on my near horizon, part of the festivities will involve eating Haggis*, and drinking some pretty good Scotch, which will make the bagpipes sound better. The Scotch drinking comes in the form of toasts which will be offered to Robert Burns, the lassies, the laddies, many of whom will be wearing kilts, the Queen, and the President. That last one has gotten more and more difficult to find someone to propose it for some reason but where there's an excuse to toss back some single malt, there's a way.

Just remember that it's an ill wind that blows nobody good, so look for those whose sails are filled in the right direction:

“Now fill your glasses and be upstanding as we raise this toast to the finest inspiration to the defenders of the liberties we hold dear, especially the First and Second amendments to the constitution, as well as the best purveyor of firearms and training in their art in the history of the world. Here's to the man whose pivotal pursuit of law and order, race relations, immigration, and foreign relations has made the concealed carry permit the most sought after government document today, surpassing even the coveted green card. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the President of these United States”

*There's haggis then there's Haggis. The old traditional kind was what the Scottish peasants made from a lamb after the local Lord had taken his share away. Believe me the Lords didn't leave much behind. More recently as the Scottish economy improved, the recipe was improved upon, parts of the lamb that were normally eaten by humans were included as well as spices beyond just salt and pepper. Even better, parts of the lamb that were NOT normally eaten by anyone with even a part time job were left out. We're having the good stuff.

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