Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Betting On The Elections

Bettors (Punters) will give you the odds on anything and put their own money on being right. Pollsters do as well although there's less of a premium on being right the further out the outcome is. So what the heck, here is a site set up in England where this sort of thing is legal that posts the odds for all the primary candidates as well as for the general election.

A word of warning would be that the earlier in the campaign you are, the more you run the risk of a "black swan" event happening downstream that turns everything upside down. Still, they are currently giving Hillary a 56% chance of winning the general election with Rubio the most likely pick to be running against her.

Election betting odds is updated every 5 minutes for your enjoyment. Bookmark the link and check back around the first of each month.

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