Monday, January 4, 2016

President Exceeds Expectations, Sets New Record

In spite of not being very good at a lot of things, there's one thing the president consistently excels at and that's his stimulation of gun sales. After failure after failure in foreign policy or domestic, Economics or race relations, he eventually pivots to gun control where he seems to be capable of driving sales through the roof and into the clouds.

The 2015 NICS numbers are in:
December NICS checks totaled 3,314,594 eclipsing the previous monthly high of 2,783,765 set in December of 2012 when having just been re-elected he promised to make gun control a priority of his second term. The total for 2015 is 23,141,170 implying that some 16.4MM firearms fell into the hands of US citizens last year, some of whom even seem to have voted for Obama.

I attribute this to the racial healing, notably in Ferguson and Baltimore, and the progress he's made in the war on terror notably in Waco and San Berdoo.

Keep in mind that Hillary has promised to try to top this performance if she's elected. Anti-gunners should be out there rooting for Trump or Cruz if they actually want to see gun sales decline.

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