Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gun Fun

Went to Bristlecone Shooting for their Monday night Bowling pin match to try out my latest gizmo, the Glock duck bill.

This looks longer than it is
The feature adds about 2 inches to the overall length of the gun and provides a bit of stability to the barrel as I'm swinging from pin to pin. I suppose there's a bit of down force added as well as the "bill" catches a bit of muzzle blast and directs it upward, but not a lot that I've noticed. It's all steel and weighs about 3-4 oz. I thought it helped in the match although I got eliminated by a 10 year old girl with a tricked out Browning Buckmark.

Note that at these indoor pin matches, the tables are different from the standard 4' x 8' ones. The indoor tables are 2' x 8' and the pin count and location varies. An experienced shooter will get 5 pins about 6 inches back from the front. An intermediate shooter will get 4 pins 12" back, and a novice will get 3 pins 6" from the back of the table. Shooting with a .22, if you're in the 3 or 4-pin classes, the pins fall slowly over backwards and off the table. Shooting in the expert class with a .22, the pins fall over backwards and remain on the table and are very difficult to get rolling off the table with a .22. The little girl got promoted to expert but not before eliminating me.

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