Thursday, January 14, 2016

European Rights

As far as I know, the Europeans don't have any rights in the sense that anything might be recognized as God-given. Does not having a right imply an inherent right to defend it? Rights granted by governments are not actual rights in that a government may revoke them, thus they are privileges, not rights. If you let the government define your rights as privileges, you have already lost them.

A "universal declaration of human rights" is actually nothing more than statute law, subject to "common sense" modification or limitation. You may say whatever you want in Europe, as long as no one is offended by your speech for example. You may defend yourself against attack as long as your defense does not exceed the level of the attack, so if you and your attacker end up equally damaged or dead, then you're good to go as long as the walking stick you used is not judged to be more dangerous than his sap.

Insty is noting that the Euros are discovering the need for a right to arms in the light of their governments discovering no need for such formalities as national borders. France today is facing the latest incarnation of the army of Emir Abdul Rahman and has not yet recognized this.

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Merle said...

The world is full of idiots. Sadly, the USA is trying hard to catch up to europe.