Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clinton On The Republican Candidates

There was an article a few weeks ago in which Bill Clinton gave his opinion on the then-current crop of presidential wannabes from the GOP. I didn't find it particularly noteworthy as an endorsement by Clinton is worth as much as an endorsement from the New York Times. It will expire as soon as the candidate gets the nomination.

Executive summary:
On the RINOs, Romeny, Huckabee, Huntsman, etc:"Nice fellows, only moderately swayed by the extremist wing of the party, might well be able to sell out their values and work with the Democrats."

On the conservatives, Perry, Pawlenty, Cain, etc: "Bunch of right wing extremist ideologues that won't do anything to help our agenda."

Today he comes out lukewarm on Bachmann.

Executive summary: "Yeah, I'd hit that!"

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