Friday, July 29, 2011


Economics. In most of the country this involves the deadly serious study of money moving from point A to point Z with stops at all the intervening letters. I know this is serious,because at some point, one of those letters represents my pocket.

In Washington, the topic is regarded as a sub-species of science fiction. Here's Paul Ryan, a bright up-and-coming fellow, pointing out that the thinking in Washington is leaving something to be desired.

(It's in Adobe Flash, which I, techno-peasant that I am, haven't learned to embed yet.)

So covering the moon in yogurt is probably not the debt-relief solution it was made out to be. (See what you miss not clicking the link?) How about this: We project the cost of WWII, about $300B/4 years or $75B/year, and claim budgetary savings of $75B.year for the 66 years since we brought the troops home, and show that Harry Truman thus realized budget savings of $4.95T to date, eclipsing the approximately $4.5T the president has spent that we didn't have in the first place.

And you thought the Dems couldn't balance a budget.

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